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Why Spring is the best time of year to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot

In parts of the Granite State, it felt like warm weather was here briefly in February and winter popped up again for a bit of April, but now spring is here for real, and it is the best time of year to sealcoat your parking lot or driveway in New Hampshire.

As long as the surface is dry, a professional can seal or repair your asphalt blacktop just about any time of year, but spring is the best, and not just because it's about starting anew. Here are three reasons spring is the best time to seal your pavement.

Repair frost heaves and other winter damage

The winter can take a real toll on your blacktop, especially in New England. The best way to prevent this from becoming an expensive long-term problem is to sealcoat asphalt surfaces every five years or less. But sometimes it still happens, and it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Ideal weather conditions for driveway curing

Now that nights are reliably above freezing, temperatures are ideal for letting your driveway or parking lot set after being sealed. It is not too cold to properly set like it was in the winter, and it is not so hot that sun damage and high heat could prolong the process. Sure, spring means more frequent rain outs, but fall means pulling fallen leaves out of hot tar. April, May and June's temperate weather provides the perfect window.

Boost your home's or business's curb appeal

Picture it: your newly landscaped lawn with a backdrop of freshly bloomed perennials, violent and yellow wildflowers around the mailbox, a robin scampering around the yard... and a gray, cracked, untreated lot. It just doesn't go, does it? Spring is an amazingly beautiful time of year. Everything is fresh and clean. Your customers will notice that one thing that isn't.

Summer is coming to New England sooner than you realize. Readying your driveway or parking lot in the spring is the best way to get past the winter damage and get ready for summer traffic. Kids will be shooting hoops in your driveway in no time. Homes in the Lakes Region are getting ready for renters, and Seacoast businesses are trying to catch visitors' eyes. Spring in New Hampshire is a time for welcoming and transition. A fresh sealcoat fits right in.

New Hampshire Blacktop Sealers has been providing sealing, crack-fill, striping and other asphalt services in the Manchester area for 40 years.

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